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The source for your perfect family guardian.

A rare breed that combines the best of to two fantastic breeds

The Source for your perfect family guardian

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Welcome to our kennel! Many years ago, we were looking for a perfect family guardian that would be gentle with kids and babies yet defend them if needed. We searched high and low through the AKC breeds and could not find a single breed that had the traits we were looking for. Then we discovered a rare breed that fit those needs, the Mastador!

During our search, we met many wonderful breeders and have many discussions about establishing the breed and expanding the genetic pool. That was when Sunset Mastadors was born.  We expanded our family with a lovely ACK English Mastiff, and a spunky ACK Labrador Retriever (Old English style). This pair will bring in an additional line of Mastadors into this rare breed.

If you are looking to bring fantastic breed into your family to be that perfect family guardian, you have come to the right place. While the process is slow, it will be worth the wait. Contact us to join our waiting list for upcoming litters. There is no cost or obligation to join the list. We can also help put you in touch with other kennels that may have upcoming litters with availability as we all ethically expand this wonderful breed with sound genetics.

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